Monday, 27 February 2017

Group One Proposal for a two rink league - Updated 27th Feb 17

Update: Although the response from Members was disappointing the majority of the few responses received were in favour of Penlee entering the 2 Rinks League and so we will. Option 1 is the chosen one.

Click here to see the letter from Ian Perry

Click here to see the rules

If we understand it correctly we have three choices:

1. We agree to join the 2 rinks league as well as maintain the B team. That will mean we would need to produce 32 players on the nights (Tuesday and Thursdays) we are playing teams who have also entered a B team and the 2 rinks teams as the A team will be playing on the same nights.

2. We agree not to enter the 2 rinks league and that means the B team will play only other clubs who have entered a B team (same as previous years).

3. We agree to enter the 2 rinks league and not the B league and therefore 8 players will only be required for the B team. If this is the choice then the problem could be if other clubs choose not to enter the 2 rinks league then there is little change to the existing situation.

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